Training workshops

I offer workshops on line or not, to train in the development of bilingualism and plurilingualism among children, teenagers and as well as adults


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Welcome on La Maison du Multilinguisme I offer here my service to help live happily your expatriation and the bilingual education of children whether you are an educator, an au-pair, a speech-therapist and are in contact with bilingual children, I can tailor training for you to help those children live happily their expatriation and their plurilingualism 

Jeux 2 Langues is offering training sessions for people working in areas where linguistic and cultural diversities are present : teachers, street workers, special need teachers, care worker, nursery worker, general practitioners...

Language awareness

This training session will help you discover how to make children aware of foreign languages.

How to take into account all the languages in the classroom or the creche to help children become happy bilinguals


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Growing up with two languages

In this training session, you will discover how to help your child grow with more than one language at home 

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Running language groups

Discover how to create language groups to help children become fully bilingual.

Learning techniques to run and lead the language groups while discovering what plurilingualism is.

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Becoming a bilingual adult

This training will show you how you can become bilingual when you are an adult and how to learn new languages efficiently.


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Bilingual creche

You learn languages when you are very young.

How can you organise the languages into your creche, how can you welcome the children who speak other langues (expatriates, migrants...)

Or simply you wish to open a bilingual creche... visit this page


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Language learning for migrants

Help the migrants to learn the local language while keeping their mother tongue and culture.

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I offer classes face-to-face, as well as via Skype. 
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This training session is aimed at school teachers and will help them discover the advantages of using the mother tongue of their students in the classroom.


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Multilingual Breakfast

Parents group in the morning for share about bilingual education

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I can come and have a talk on plurilingualism - do not hesitate to get in touch with me.


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