Apprendre les langues

Language learning

Talen leren

Learn Languages with Judy Martialay

Hola! Let's learn Spanish and Bonjour! Let's Learn French are two great books written by the American children writer Judy Martialay.

Aimed at children aged between 6 and 10 years of age, her books aim at making them discover the Spanish  or French languages in a children-friendly manner. The book is not a bilingual book, as many would imagine them. It is different and it opens to the discovery of a new language,

Following the adventure of Panchito the Mexican Jumping Bean or Louis, the snail, the children are discovering Spanish and French words as well as the Mexican and French culture.

Both stories are in English with the slow introduction of words in Spanish or French. It really gives the children a chance to learn basic words and phrases she uses. They give children a taste of the language. They are fun to read with colourful drawings and a lot of information. You also find the pronunciation of the words on her website : Polyglotkidz :

Extremely children-friendly, the book aims at teaching children basic Spanish words and phrases, at giving them a taste of the language. It is a fun book to read with colourful drawings and a lot of information. The pronunciation of the Spanish words can be found of the site: Polyglot Kidz (

More than just a book, Judy Martialay ends her books with an activity section where children can try the languages they discovered in the story. She really encourages them to use the language in everyday situations, with for example a treasure hunt around the house for some objects. Judy Martialay does not forget the culture linked to a language and has a cultural section that has been well researched. It is explained clearly for children to understand and discover another culture of the world. Children discover about local food, customs, markets, etc.

Children like to sing and Judy Martialay does not forget it and present a song with its translation and music score; it is the traditional song. There is a craft section.  She ends up with a short memo of vocabulary.